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Early Thursday morning- as in 1am early, I woke up having to pee. Not shocking. But, I had to pee and I had a really weird feeling in my… I don’t know what. Pelvis? Abdomen? I couldn’t tell. But it happened again at 2, and then 3, and again at 4, and I think I […]

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I don’t know how people have more than two kids. A few weeks ago I started having some SERIOUS pains in my pelvis. I thought maybe I had pulled something while lifting Lily, or maybe I had run into a wall pelvis-first and bruised it. I had a doctor’s appointment soon after the pain started […]

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The other day I went to the doctor’s for my two-week check up. Everything was going just fine until she asked me if I had been having any heartburn. I told her that I had it twice so far in my pregnancy, the first time almost killed me, and the second time was not too […]