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i don’t like to blog when the kids are awake. but i just need to vent real quick and then i will go back to being a wonderful, patient, beautiful, attentive mother… topher woke up at 2am. then went back down. and then woke up again at about 5am. for good. (i miss his crib!!!!) we all tried […]

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topher is now in a big boy bed after a ridiculous incident when chris went to check on him in the middle of the night and he was climbed half-way out of his crib. ugh. i knew this day was going to come, but i was kinda hoping it was going to be when we […]

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this is lily’s favorite line of late. or it’s my favorite line that she delivers with such gusto, a few times a day. topher is kinda gross. he’s a boy, so apparently that’s ok. but he’s been pouring on the grossness pretty thick the last two days. yesterday, topher was pulling on my earrings. i’ve […]