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I just straight up stole that image from Wendy’s Lookbook. I don’t have my phone near me and I can’t get all my pics on the computer properly. You’d seriously think I was 75 or something with my absolute lack of technological savvy. That bottom right pic is of Marissa, Wendy and I at the […]

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I have never been on a shopping spree before in my life. The closest I have ever come to going on one was two years ago, when I went shopping with my parents and sister in Las Vegas, and my dad was feeling super generous so he bought my sister and I new shoes and […]

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You know how amazing things happen and you think they are so incredible that you will never forget them for as long as you live? And then you live a little more and you realize you can’t remember anything? I don’t remember any of my kids’ first words. I started this blog because I could not believe that I […]