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Marriage is something we love to talk about, because it truly does help foster kids, and adoptive kids, and your bio kids to feel like they are in a safe and healthy home. The things that make marriages awesome are great communication and even great community! We are happy to have been able to host […]

Marriage Advice for Newlyweds and Beyond

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Sometimes we just need some life encouragement to remind us that we aren’t alone! Do you ever have stuff to do on your To Do List that you just don’t feel like doing? Like laundry, and the dishes, and pairing up socks? Well, we have those too, but we also have things that don’t quite […]

Hug your kids

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Are you struggling to find joy in your life? Too many of us prioritize big events as major milestones. Like a family trip to Disneyland. Or a romantic getaway to Hawaii. If this is you – then this last year of not being able to travel and experience monumental wins must have really sucked, eh? […]

finding joy in life