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This episode features an interview with an AMAZING foster mama who happens to be single. Lina Bublys thought life would look differently than it does now, but she is still so grateful and so active in blessing those around her, especially her foster babes. We salute all you foster parents out there, but you single […]

Interview with Single Foster Mom

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Episode 33 is another great one, featuring an interview with the delightful and smart Maggie Zehring. But before we dive into the goodness of that interview, Chris and I got stuck in the intro about the number 33, and what it has meant to Chris in his life. We referenced Larry Bird, who was in […]

fostering voices podcast

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Do you ever struggle with the right words to say? Someone tells you what they are up to, and this is not an invitation for you to tell them all the reasons you aren’t doing the same thing. Try this on for size: “Wow. That’s cool.” For example, someone tells you that they are going […]

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