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i’m feeling nostalgic today my friends. I walked through target today and they had a table of gift ideas for mothers for Mother’s Day. I know I need to get on the ball and look for something nice to send to my mom so that it actually gets to her by Mother’s Day. But I’m […]

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Sorry I lied folks. I said I would whine about Topher “tomorrow” but tomorrow was yesterday and yesterday was too busy and I died of tiredness when we got home. Even though it’s about the same time now as it was when I died yesterday- I am not tired now. This is due entirely to […]

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June was a whirlwind. we went camping for three days. then we came home. and then we went to Toronto for 9 days. and chris and I managed to go on a secret getaway for three days without any children to celebrate our ten year anniversary a little bit early. and Robert and Lindsay and […]