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enough birthday talk. i am going to share with you the best thing since sliced bread. i found this recipe on an enchilada sauce can, so i can’t take any real credit for this. but get out your pen and paper and get ready to take some serious notes cause this is an instant classic […]

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i got a new niece this week! yeah!!!!!! i will blog about the arrival of my sweet niece after my sister-in-law has a chance to blog about her daughter. but seeing as how she is now the mama of 3 little ones, i will give her a week, and if she hasn’t blogged by thursday, […]

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mondays are busy days in the watson house. i go to work, and chris stays home with the kids. it’s awesome. but monday nights we have our small group bible study which means once i get home, things are moving at a frantic pace. dinner needs to be made, eaten, dishes thrown in the general […]