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in my last post i talked about topher’s cousin(i forget already! 2nd cousin…?…) cooper. cooper is a funny fellow. he loves himself some marvel superheros, power rangers, star wars guys, lego anything, and zombies. he likes dressing up and shooting fake guns and doing boy stuff. he is a boy’s boy. (equivalent to a man’s […]

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my niece christina is obsessed with superman. seriously, totally, and completely obsessed. (topher’s a couple steps behind her. or maybe 13 years behind…;) she just turned 17, and barb threw her a birthday party, cause barb is a wonderful nana! so i made some superman sweets for the shindig, that my kids were very sad about not […]

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look! i am so proud of the above picture. ok. look at it but don’t inspect too closely… what does that look like to you? a stack of pancakes? why would i take a picture of a stack of pancakes? cause that stack of pancakes is just rolled up fondant arond a chocolate cake that […]