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Today’s episode is a different, and special one. You listeners are in for a treat – it’s one where there is no Jihae. So that means no hyena, high pitched laughs. Life got in the way of the podcast, but fortunately, Chris is always up for a new challenge, so he took the reins as […]

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I am thrilled to have my licensing worker – Kelly Lewis, on the podcast with me today! A licensing worker is someone who helps you get your fostering license. Kelly has been with us for almost 4 years, and she has turned into a sweet friend who I truly cannot live without. Kelly has been […]

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Welcome back my friends! Today’s episode is a fun, and not-fun one, as we dive into the good and bad, the hard and the happy, basically all the dichotomies involving foster care and adoption. Stay tuned til the end for a very brief interview with 3/4 of my kids! Wesley is not in it, because […]

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