swollen sunha

July 14, 2011

good morning! sorry for the lack of updates yesterday- busy busy day.

we actually were able to go to the hospital for lunch. the kids obviously didn’t see sunha, but i got to sneak in for a sec. her face and head are quite swollen now and she is not comfortable! i went to see her at night as well, and her face and head had swollen even more in the 9 hours since i had seen her earlier.

sunha is on quite a few different pain medications, but she needs to be off of the big stuff in order to be able to come home. hopefully they will be home tomorrow, but it all depends on how today goes.

the nurse said the swelling should go down a lot today and that she would be a new baby when that happened.

would you please pray that her sweeling foes down very quickly and that her pain dissipates, without the aid of too many pain meds?

jeehon and james are remaining sane and strong despite being confined to a pretty small room. thanks for going on this crazy journey with us! where would we be without prayer?



swollen sunha


  1. Eli and I just prayed for Sunha during bedtime prayers! I'm sure it's been a week of anxiety for all of you! Please keep us posted on her recovery! Please tell James and Jeehon they are all in our prayers!

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