sweet girl

February 10, 2011

this is classic lily.

hanging out. looking off into the distance, pondering. i often catch glimpses of her in my rearview mirror when i’m driving and she is just looking out the window, oblivious to the fact that i am staring at her. probably cause she thinks i have my eyes on the road. which i should.

on sunday, when topher and i hit a wall, lily brought my boiling point back to a good, normal temperature. the tension, the tantrums, were not getting to her. she told me that i was a ‘good girl’ and gave me the sweetest kisses on the cheek all day. truly a cherub sent from the Lord! thank you Jesus for my Lily. thank you so much for my mouth-breather son too. i love him so much too. he has definitely been pushing my buttons lately, but i guess it’s his turn. lily had her turn last year. or was it the year before? or both?… 🙂

lily still loves singing and it’s been a very long time since i have posted a video of her showing off her ‘instrument’ (apparently real musicians call good voices ‘instruments’. i’m no real musician. but i like to pose as one.)

the kids have been watching ‘The Sound of Music’ with chris a lot. it has replaced ‘Despicable Me’ (because we had to give that back to the person who lent it to us). both classics. here is lily singing ‘Do a deer’. she knows the first few lines and then makes up the rest. enjoy!

i don’t know why my kids hate clothes- but they do. just a warning. we have enough money for clothes. you just can’t tell from my videos.



  1. erindezago says:

    greyson sat mesmerized and made me play it at least 3 times in a row 🙂 She has a new fan! My favorite: "Ba, a long long way to rub!" Love you Lils!

  2. Shannon says:

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! I love this more than words can describe. I grew up watching that movie and I'm sure that I've sung some pretty awesome words to that song myself. Can we please have a Sound of Music day/night and all sing together? (my favorite was listening to you and Chris in the background).

  3. jenn says:

    so talented, little lily!

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