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August 13, 2011

if you have never been to the scottsdale library- you need to go. it is the best library i have ever been to! the kids’ area is like a castle- complete with a tower that you can sit in and read, there’s a little bridge and a moat and everything. adorable! there is also a puppet theater and an interactive computer that reads books to your kids. so great! i have been outside of this library so many times and never once went in during the six years that i have lived here and loitered around that building waiting for chris. it seriously has to be the best library in arizona.

and another thing that makes it superawesome is that they have a display room in the middle of the library where they are doing a feature on comic books with superheroes. the kids loved it so much. especially since they are really really into superheores these days. there were costumes for them to try on, and lots of different photo ops to be had. so here are a couple pics we took from our fun superhero adventure:

if you or your kids are into superheores, i strongly recommend you make the drive up to scottsdale to check out their exhibit on comic books. it’s going to be around until september 2! let me know if you are planning on going- topher loved it so much he really wants to go again.

here are some more details:

-it’s free!

-scottsdale civic center library

3839 n. drinkwater blvd

-check out



superheroes read


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