sunha strolls

July 16, 2011

today i got to hang out at the hospital for about 2 hours with my sister and my niece! and sunha is doing so great!

her face is still quite swollen, but she can open her eyes, which is so wonderful for everyone! yesterday when she couldn’t see, jeehon said she was clawing about, reaching aimlessly in front of her. i think maybe she was looking for the light switch. poor little thing. but even in the midst of her blindness, she was very responsive- opening and closing her hands while jeehon sang one of her favorite songs, and making her adorable “huh?” noises when she thought people were talking to her. so precious.

she has been taking many strolls around the pediatric intensive care unit, in the wonderful little wagon they provided for her. nice to get some ‘fresh’ air. she also tried crawling around today, but kinda failed at that as her head is really really heavy. jeehon caught her 3 times, but the 4th, she kinda ate it. you live and you learn.

so we are all really really hoping she can get out of the hospital tomorrow. the doctor removed the dressing on her head that was covering the staples. i fortunately did not throw up when that happened right in front of me (did i mention i threw up at the hospital when i brought the malloys dinner two nights ago? i don’t do that great in hospitals actually.) hopefully tonight will be a great night, with minimal pain meds, and optimal sleep, and then maybe the malloys can finally relax and get some good rest.

would you please continue to pray for speedy head-healing and very little pain for sunha? the doctor said all the scary post-surgery stuff is over, so thanks for the copius prayers you all threw up during the last few days.

sungu and my kids have been busy doing a bunch of swimming and movie watching and general mischief-making. today james took them for two hours to play in a splash pad at a resort that he booked for sunha to recover at. this is what happened when the kids were finished playing with their uncle/dad:



sunha strolls


  1. So happy everything is going well. Tell your sis hi for me and that I am praying! Love the pic!

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