still waiting…

November 9, 2011

ok. i just posted a post that i wrote five days ago. and nothing has changed.
except that i had a doctor’s appoitnment on monday afternoon and discovered that i am 4.5cm dilated and 80% effaced. i was so excited cause i thought i was surely going to have a baby on monday. surely. SURELY! right? no. it’s wednesday. still pregnant.

chris had been off of work since friday night. this weekend would have been a great time to have a baby. as we waited, chris and i went on two more dates on saturday- one luunch date for a friend’s 39th birthday (thanks for watching lily and topher barb and jerry!) and then we went on a serious date- dinner and a movie, while our friends brian and carrie kept lily and topher overnight. thanks SO MUCH brian and carrie! (those are hobey’s parents. i love them so much!)

but this morning he actually left for work, so i am home with the kids. i am going to do a while lot of sitting and hanging out. and then when he gets home i will probably do some jump squats and lunges and maybe find a trampoline…

mia is already proving to be a stubborn little monkey, much akin to her sister lily when she was in the womb. i have tried to ask her to come out very nicely, i have been walking around like crazy, i even did something according to doctor’s orders to get labor started… and nothing. i have also been eating spicy food like it’s going out of style, but i don’t know if that counts being korean and all, and usually consuming a fair amount of spicy food on the regular. but i have to mention that chris ‘made dinner’ last night, which means he ran out to a korean restaurant and ordered kalbi (phenomenal short ribs), jap chae (noodles), and kimchi chigae (kimchi stew) all by himself! the korean lady at the restaurant was very impressed that he ordered without a menu and asked if he was mormon. interesting thing to ask another person, although not uncommon here in gilbert arizona.

oh yeah, i went to starbucks on monday night on my way to bible study/hoping to be on my way to the hospital, and there was a lady in front of me who told me i was so cute. very nice of her. she also asked if she could refill my drink for me (i had a almost empty starbucks cup, cause i had been in there 2 minutes earlier, but chris spilled 90% of his drink in the car so we turned around to get another one.) but the starbucks guy was nice enough to remake my drink for free. so much kindness and love in that starbucks! she then offered to buy me a pastry which i also declined, but it was my first ‘stranger offering to buy me something’ experience and it was so sweet! especially since this woman said she had 8 kids (EIGHT!) and that she loved being pregnant but was all done and therefore liked to live vicariously through other pregnant women. craziness.

anyhoo, i have been waking up a lot in the middle of the night to eat crackers, which has been so annoying, but i guess it’s better than getting woken up 10 times a night to feed someone else. i know life is going to be very different and kind of exhausting once mia finally does decide to show up- but i just want her to show up already! chris is way stronger than me, and it’s his turn to carry her now!



still waiting…


  1. Jenny Bishop says:

    Seriously do squats!! I squatted down twice in a row to get something and I'm pretty sure that's what kick started my labor with Bree! Just wait to do them until Chris gets home though! Praying for you! 🙂 Can't wait to meet little miss Mia!

  2. Steph says:

    today's my birthday and i really really want to share it with Mia. Can you please tell her that there are only 7 hours left? ♥

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