still playing catch up

June 9, 2012

this picture didn’t make it into the last post. look at those rolls! better than anything Pillsbury could ever come up with. i love them so much.

this is how Mia likes to relax- with her legs crossed. are those not the cutest little chubby feet you ever did see????

my little Mia moo has really started crawling this week. pretty fast for a girl who can’t actually get her belly off the ground. Mia continues to be the awesomest, happiest little monster, with few moments of crankiness. she babbles with such ferocity i’m sure she is trying to communicate something seriously important with us. maybe: “quit telling me i’m chubby…” who knows.

yesterday i got to see my small group girls, after not seeing them for about 3 weeks. maybe more. we went to Frost, a wicked good gelato place. there were 11 females and 1 topher. it was amazing! mia, lily, and topher and their sweet friends cambry and colbie were dragged to the this shindig,  and they were so good and quiet while christin and i caught up with the high schoolers! a few weeks ago topher told me he was going to marry cambry. if i were on pinterest, i would already be planning their wedding. fortunately for everyone, i am not so i have not… yet…

i had big plans for the kids this evening. i watch taylor till about 5pm, and then i am free. so i told the kids we would go to the library to start their summer reading program, and then we would feed the ducks. the kids were really excited about this. but we ate dinner, and then we got to the library- an hour after they closed. then there were TONS of people fishing, so i didn’t feel right about feeding the ducks and disturbing the fish. so then i offered up something the children do not know how to refuse: ice cream. we went to mc donalds and the kids each got a cone, and we watched Wall-E and played on the slides. why go to disneyland when the kids think mc ds is the most magical place on earth:

look! he’s high on his $1 ice cream cone. or maybe he’s high on sugar since this is his second night in a row going out for ice cream!
while we were sitting there eating our treats topher said: “i want to work here! then i can keep watching movies!” and then lily said: “i want to work here too! i want to be a helper!” (cause someone was sweeping near us.) and then she dropped her ice cream cone on the floor and had a hair in it. grossness.
here is our mail girl. she likes to get ‘the mail’ and deliver ‘the mail.’ here she is with a letter that dad ‘wrote’ to her. obviously chris did not write that letter to her: cause chris knows how to write real words as opposed to wavy lines. but it was sweet of lily to write herself a love not from her dad. she’s a funny girl.
yesterday she brought the ‘mail’ and said someone sent a naughty letter about topher. it described some false, and some real things that topher did that day. it was a real cheeky way to be a tattle-tale, something the kids love to do and that i abhor hearing.
then topher wrote a rebuttle to the annonymous letter and said that there was a ‘naughty mail girl who brought naughty mail.’ these kids crack me up.
and finally, i don’t have a picture of this, but we’ve been watching ‘Rio’ a lot. i showed them the bonus feature of and Jaime Foxx in the recording studio. they are two artists who do voices for two birds in the movie. lily and topher were watching this with much interest and few words. i kept saying: “isn’t that cool? those guys are in the movie!” finally lily spoke as she was watching and said: “and then the witch turned him into a bird.”
the pesky witch is responsible for so much mayhem in lily and topher’s world.



still playing catch up


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