We are Chris and Jihae, the heads of our household of 9! 
We have been hosting this podcast for 5 glorious seasons, and counting.

Foster care has been a part of our lives for the last 6 years when we finally became aware that it's a major issue in Arizona, and in this country. We took one small step. And then another. And then another.

We have officially fostered 7 beautiful children, and provided respite for many more. But foster care isn't about the numbers. For us, foster care is about providing a safe and loving home to children who need it. For however long they need it.

And we truly believe that everyone can play a role in supporting foster children - whether that's by mentoring, working in the system, supporting foster families, and even sponsoring this podcast!

the family that foster care, adoption, and love built.

We're the Watsons.

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Chris is a full time police lieutenant, here in Arizona. And Jihae works part time at Showit, on the Community Development team, as well as keeping all 9 humans in our home clothed, fed, and on top of their phonics and math! So, this podcast is most definitely a passion project that makes us very happy, but also very humble. 
Our main objective in looking for sponsors is to be able to bless our listeners, who are primarily families, to be able to win free things that will bless them and their crews! Cause who doesn't love free stuff??

By the Numbers

Did you see one of Jihae's 'Claims to Fame' was winning an all-expense paid trip to New York for Fashion Week? Winning free stuff is THE BEST!

Our listeners are primarily families. Husbands and wives. Moms and dads. Foster and adoptive families. And a few outliers to round out the bunch. We are SO thankful for our listeners, and the fact that they have faithfully stayed with us for over 6 seasons!

We love having giveaways, because we know how fun it is to win stuff! Especially for families who are in the thick of foster care and adoption, and don't spend much on themselves - we would love to just bless and bless and bless those families all the more! Our listeners are people who love, and care for others. What a beautiful opportunity for us to collaborate together to bless these beautiful people!

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thankful for our sponsors!

Not everyone is called to be a foster parent - but all of us can play a role in being a part of helping kids in foster care. Whether that is advocating for foster children, supporting foster parents, and so many other avenues.
Sponsoring this podcast can be another one of those avenues!
One of the major sponsorship opportunities is to host a giveaway, and foster families love free stuff!

Let's work together!


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