Some Perspective Please

October 3, 2009

i have to admit that things have been crazy for a while lately, and therefore i have been crazy lately. i couldn’t stop crying yesterday, but mostly cause lily wouldn’t stop crying. my nerves were shot. i couldn’t handle any extra noise, which included crying, screaming, and really even just talking. chris was home in the morning, which was good cause i really needed him to be an adult while i continued being the giant baby that has babies. part of my sadness/frustration was from lily and her NOISE, and from lily not being the perfect, obedient, sweet, even-tempered little girl i thought she would be, and from me not being the perfect, sweet, even-tempered mom i was so certain i would be! and every time chris tried to comfort me/understand what the heck was wrong with me, it made me cry more cause there was a good part of me that felt like i had failed him as a wife and mom to his kids. and he assured me over and over again that i was just straight up loco. i love that guy.

this did not all stem from the potty training misfire we experienced this week. or at least i don’t think it did. i guess we’ve just had a ton going on these last few weeks/months. but i really did have a moment of clarity in the car the other day ago that this whole potty training thing was the BIGGEST problem in our lives- what a blessing!

and then i got an e-mail from wonderful Grandma Watson yesterday. grandma gets a lot of e-mails, and sends out lots of forwards and e-mails. she is very technologically savvy, and even has her own blog. i admit i don’t often read all her forwards anymore, but when there is an untitled e-mail, it’s usually personal and wonderful. except for this e-mail yesterday.

her son matt, who is the CPA of Watson & Watson CPA (where i ‘work’/loiter), was just diagnosed with Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma, a rare and of course, aggressive form of cancer. what the heck?!?!? and my life this week was all about peepees on the potty. thanks for the reality check Jesus! matt actually had surgery to get a hernia removed about a week or two ago, and that’s when they discovered something that didn’t look right. the whole family has never praised Jesus for a hernia before, but we are thanking Him for this one now!

matt is actually doing quite well, cause he’s awesome and a fighter. in his ‘old age’ (haha, some time in his forties) he decided he was going to start running marathons with his awesome wife syria. so in the last 3 or 4 years, they have run the PF Chang marathon twice, and have done a buttload of half-marathons. he has also started cycling, and has fallen off his expensive bike a handful of times, and one of those times had him in a canal. he may not be the best bike rider, but he is a great accountant, dad, husband, and uncle-in-law!

i am just writing for you to please pray for-
1. MATT! he is getting a PET scan on monday, and starts chemo on thursday.
2. Syria! she is a tough cookie, but even tough cookies need to be lifted up in prayer.
3. their two sons, ben and matt, and grandma, and grandpa, and really the whole Watson crew. cause no one wants their dad to have cancer, no one wants their son to have cancer, no one wants their brother to have cancer. truth be told- no one wants anyone to have cancer, but cancer doesn’t care. but Jesus cares! and i pray that His glory will be seen in the midst of all this.
thanks in advance for your prayers, and if you want to know more about matt’s cancer, you can check out this link:



Some Perspective Please


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