so you know you can dance

August 30, 2011

monday was a momentous and wonderful day in the watson household. dance lessons started!!!!! we signed lily up for ballet lessons and topher for an all boys hip hop class through the city of gilbert’s parks and rec. i think it was $35 for 8 45-minute lessons. kind of an incredible deal! lily started off dance day with her lesson in the morning. she looked SO PRECIOUS in her new little leotard that she actually got for Christmas last year (thanks nana!) and her little black tights and pink ballet shoes. to the chagrin of every mother there, we were not allowed to sit in the room and watch our girls dance. and the window on the door was very small which is why i didn’t get any video footage of the lesson, just a few terrible pictures. i will take more next time! i didn’t want to be a window hog though. lily loved pointing and twirling and had a great time in her class. yeah lily!topher was a sweet little brother and asked if we could go in to watch lily dance. he’s so precious. i love him. then the afternoon rolled around and it was finally time fro topher’s dance class. he was so very excited. he really wanted to wear his ironman costume- since lily got to dress up for her class, but i told him the polyester that his costume is made of was not breathable and would probably burst into flames as he tore it up on the dance floor, so he agreed to leave his prized costume at home. we got to his lesson and it was so cute. 9 little boys ranging from 3-5 years old just shaking what the their mamas gave ’em! again, we were not allowed to stay in the room, but we all loitered around the windows and door quite a bit. it was too funny. the kids were dancing to very age-appropriate music (i think they were basically ducks quacking to a beat) which was GOOD, but i wouldn’t mind if they end up doing their final routine to a little Ne-Yo or Kanye or something like that. we’ll see. anyway, be prepared for more dance videos and pictures over the next two months. enjoy what i got from their first lessons:



so you know you can dance


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