so much randomness in july

July 24, 2012

ok. i don’t want to forget these things so i am adding them all in one post.
we are not a holy family. we go to church A LOT, but that doesn’t make us good or holy. but my kids are awesome and they are trying to figure out this Christianity thing. tonight topher was crying by the garage (he was with chris) and i was in mia’s room with lily. she heard topher wailing and she starts running towards him and is screaming: “topher! what happened?? i need to pray for him! please!”
it was incredible.
then after topher got prayed over, he prayed for our family before bed. he thanked Jesus for me, his mom, with such pretty hair. (that’s a compliment to you christin roberts!) these kids. so wonderful.
anyway, here’s a pic of my mia moo from this week. she is so beautiful. SO BEAUTIFUL! she is cutting her first tooth. yup- 8.5 months old and still toothless. perfect since she is still nursing. she’s been saying dada for a very long time. that made chris really happy, which meant nothing to me cause she just said it whenever. the dog- dada. me- dada. veggie straws- dada. but now, alas, she actually reserves ‘dada’ for for her real dada. it’s pretty precious, annoying that it might be (i birthed her without drugs people!)
here’s an incredible pic that lily drew of dr. topher and patient dad who got a shot in his arm. lily and toph are still not that aware of what dad does at work- so i wanted to clarify what kind of shot he got. it was the needle kind. i don’t know if your pediatrician’s office has a check-out table (the thing the kids sit on to get checked out on) with stairs that lead up to it- but ours does- and that’s what lily drew chris sitting on. again- her art makes me so happy!!!

then topher drew the same picture, but his execution was a bit different. he’s bigger than his dad, which is the same in lily’s picture. but the stairs and check-out table look more like a rug than a table. ah the difference between a 4 and a 5 year old!
i just love this picture, and the boys in it. in the green is my nephew (chris’ cousin’s kid) and he read chris’ shirt that says: “spartan race”, and then he dug out the hat and axe for chris to have so that he could match his shirt. how awesome is that?!?! i don’t know if lily or topher would know what a spartan would look like when they are 8. we’ll see…

and, my favorite day of the year came and went without a blog mention, so here it is now: chick fil a day. the day you dress like a cow and get free food at chik fil a. so awesome. here’s lily with her cow head gear, and a balloon cow she got:

and my hardcore husband giving milk to his chubby little calf mia moo 🙂



so much randomness in july


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