Small Business: Jenny Bishop Photography

February 13, 2010

meet Jenny Bishop. she is 3 weeks away from being a 100% full-time photographer!!!!
for now she is doing her due-diligence wrapping up her job at ASU. i don’t remember what she does there, mostly cause it doesn’t matter because that was not her calling! photography is!

Jenny is a severely talented photographer. her photos are all very crisp, clean, professional, yet occasionally whimsical, and always tons of fun. she does senior shoots, families, weddings, maternity, newborn, you name it, she will shoot it. (with her camera.) my personal faves are probably her wedding pics and her newborn shoots. whenever i see a cute bucket or basket, i want to put a baby in it and have Jenny photograph it. the thing i love most about her wedding shots are the unexpected pics that she takes. she often hangs the bride’s gown and takes a picture of it hanging in a tree, or window. or she’ll take pictures of shoes, whether the bride’s or the ring bearer’s. just little things that make a wedding album truly special to the bride and groom.

here are some of my favorite shots from her website (which you can find a link on the side of my blog):

one of my many faves of jenny’s newborn pics!

a great wedding pic!

this is a great shot jenny got from the serious men, in what seemed to be a pretty fun and beautiful wedding.

anyway, i encourage you to give her a shout. she is now up in scottsdale, but is not afraid to drive. especially since this photography thing is her full-time gig 🙂


Small Business: Jenny Bishop Photography


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