Small Business: Chris Fleck, Plumber Extraordinaire

February 13, 2010

i feel kinda bad cause i have tons of pics of my other small business friends that i am plugging today. i unfortunately do not have any pics of chris fleck. the man who saved us million$$$$$… ok. thousand$$$.

two weeks ago we had an issue with one of our rental houses. apparently the cold water wasn’t really working. so chris (mine) got to calling some plumbers. he called a company that he had heard advertised on the radio. they said it would cost $40 for someone to come out and look at the issue. just to LOOK. ‘ok’ we said.

so the guy comes out and Looks. then he calls us and tells us something happened with our water softner, and it blew pellets through the pipes and we had to replace everything. for $2,800. yikes. and then the guy said we owed him $70. we said ‘no’. his company quoted us $40, so we paid them $40. don’t know what the extra $30 was about. still don’t. and now i don’t care.

then barb suggested we call this guy- chris fleck. he used to be the superintendant of plumbing for Pulte Homes, one of the major housing developers in arizona. but of course they lost a ton of money, and chris (the plumber) lost his job with them. but he has since been doing his own thing. which was great for us.

chris (the plumber) came, assessed, and fixed everything. for $800. the other guys said it would cost an extra $2,000. i don’t know what that’s about. still don’t. and i don’t care. maybe it was for the advertising that chris (mine) heard on the radio. the only advertising for chris fleck you ever hear may be here on my blog. he doesn’t have a website. but you can find him on

i never met the guy. but i know he is a hard working, honest man, trying to raise his daughters. if you need a plumber, call chris (the plumber. not my chris. he can’t help you. unless you want your sink to get tazered or something.)


Small Business: Chris Fleck, Plumber Extraordinaire


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