Sleeping Time

February 11, 2010

here are some ridiculous pictures of our kids sleeping.
the one of lily is her sleeping in our bed when my girlfriend was out here for a visit, and therefore everyone’s sleeping arrangements were altered. lily tucks her babies in herself. her photo was not doctored in any way.

and then topher like to sleep width-wise in his crib. why? cause he’s crazy. though i have heard that kids like being in tight little spaces. maybe cause it reminds them of the womb? i don’t know. don’t judge me cause of all the stuff that’s in topher’s crib while he sleeps. part of my job when i check on him before i go to bed is to take about 50 toys out of his crib, cover him with a blanket, and stick his feet back into his bed.

chris actually took pictures of me while i was sleeping a few nights ago cause he thought it was funny, and it was like 5am, and he’s a jerk. i think he meant to get a video of me sleeping, cause just seeing me sleep is one thing, but HEARING me sleep is another. anyhoo, you will not find those pictures here in this post, nor will you find them anywhere, ever, cause i am deleting them from our camera as we speak…



Sleeping Time


  1. Christin says:

    There is nothing better than pictures of kids sleeping. Both pics made my day!

  2. Silas loves to sleep with his legs out of the bed too! Kids are wonderful when they are sleeping!
    A very belated happy birthday Jihae! So sorry we forgot.

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