six weeks

December 23, 2011

christmas is 3 days away and i haven’t finished making one of my presents (hair clips) and i have not wrapped a single present. i also meant to make and deliver cookies to all of our renters but i just finished the baking part today and we will see if any of the decorating or delivering will happen before sunday. at this rate i am guessing NOT. oh well. i tried.

though i am busy and my monkey children are all asleep, which means my time is money right now, i wanted to post some pics of all my kids at their 6 week stages. (happy six weeks of being alive mia!!!) lots of people ask me who mia looks like- and these pictures don’t do her justice, but i think mia is an exact replica of lily. for people who knew lily as a baby, they say that mia is lily. so precious. i cannot get enough of my new baby. and my old babies aren’t bad either 😉

quick story- lily LOVES her little sister. she has been so helpful and wonderful. if mia starts fussing when someone else is holding her, lily comes over to me and whispers in my ear: “mia needs you mom.” it’s so sweet. anyway, i left mia on my bed so that i could throw out a diaper. lily was sitting next to her and i told lily to make sure that mia didn’t roll of of the bed. not that mia can roll or anything. just wanted to give lily a task. anyhoo, i come back 30 seconds later and lily is sitting with mia in her lap. very dangerous, and i told lily not to do that again, yet so cute!

here’s a pic of some supervised big-sister-little-sister time:

the other day ago chris and i were saying how lily and mia are so beautiful yet gross. this week both of them passed gas right in chris’ face. topher would not do that. he is too proper (sometimes.) when he poops and it’s gross he yells at me: “get out mom! it’s too stinky!” he’s so considerate.

anyway, hope you are all enjoying these wonderful holidays!






  1. You make some beautiful children, Jihae! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

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