Silly Lily? Or Genius Lily?

March 4, 2009

Lily is pretty much the funniest little girl in the whole wide world. Though we are still waiting for her to talk in complete sentences, she has become a very effective communicator in her own right. And no one knows what she is saying better than her poor little playfriend and cousin Sungu.

Lily’s new ‘thing’ is to be bossy and ‘discipline’ Sungu, the way we discipline her. My biggest ‘thing’ right now is getting Lily to come to me when I first call her. If she doesn’t come running as soon as she hears me call, then I count to three in korean: ‘hanna… dool… seht!’ and if she stilldoesn’t come then I will go over to her, spank her heinie, go back to my original spot where I had first called to her, call her again with my arms out, and wait for her. I will do this as long as it takes for her to come running. Sometimes it doesn’t even get to the spanking point, sometimes it gets to the point where I actually have to pull her diaper down some so that I can spank bare flesh- which she hates. I have to admit that when Lily is running around naked, she will usually come running to me as soon as I call her since she knows if she gets to the spanking part- it will automatically be on bare flesh. She is so smart! If only she would use her powers for good…

So I have caught Lily spanking Sungu numerous times now and it is so cute. Especially since Sungu seems relatively oblivious to what is really going on. Lily will start ‘counting’ a few feet away from Sungu, with her hands out in front of her motioning ‘come here’ with her fingers. She usually starts counting at ‘dool’ (2) and pretty much screams out ‘seht!’ (3). She sounds like a crazy person, which makes me stop and wonder if I sound like a crazy person, since that is who she is clearly immitating.

The other day we were at Walmart with Lily and Sungu in the basket part of the shopping cart, and Topher sitting up front. I know this may not be the ‘safest’ thing in the whole world, but when you are grocery shopping with three kids- you let me know what is more important to you in the long run- safety, or sanity. And for the record, none of our kids have ever gotten hurt by being sardined into one of these shopping carts. Anyhoo, the kids also get to eat crackers or snacks while in the shopping cart (it’s a sanity-saver people!) and Lily holds one out to Sungu and says: “Say ‘kaka’ ” which is their word for ‘cracker’.

It is pretty funny that Lily thinks she can tell Sungu to do stuff that she herself is not really good at doing herself (as in being obedient, and a good talker), but it does make us laugh every time she does it. I guess in the grand scheme of things though, we are all hypocritical know-it-alls who boss others around when we in fact know nothing and should have no authority over others (except our children. They definitely need authority!). Hmm… is that the thing Lily is truly trying to immitate when she is copying me?…



Silly Lily? Or Genius Lily?


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