school is cool

August 13, 2013

so, as I mentioned earlier- the kids started school on Wednesday July 31st!
Lily and Topher’s school is pretty awesome because it has all kinds of different times that you can choose to go to school. since topher is in half day kindergarten, I opted for the ‘pm’ program for lily and the late start for topher, so that they get out of school at about the same time. and fortunately lily and topher’s cousins have opted for the same times so I never drop the kids off at school! instead I get in my awesome minivan once a day and pick up five happy and talkative watsons and drive everyone home. it’s a sweet gig!
lily is in first grade and already loving it. her teacher is so sweet and is a seasoned veteran with 13 years of teaching at our school under her belt.
we are looking forward to how much lily is going to learn and grow this year.
topher was apprehensive about starting kindergarten, but fortunately his cousin cooper is in his class, so having a familiar face in class has helped immensely.
topher has a first year teacher, but she is so sweet and organized, and I think she is on her way to a long and happy career at our school!
here’s my sweet lily getting in a little exercise before school:
topher doing his homework- he LOVES doing homework! my precious nerd :

topher, lily, and grace enjoying some ice cream to celebrate our first week (aka three days) of school:

topher and cooper on the first day of school:

topher and lily’s first day of school breakfast of champions- star pancake and heart strawberries. cause they are stars and I love them! :

apprehensive, and still cute:

lily, jace, and kiefer on the first day of school:

so the journey begins. I am so proud of my kids and in awe of how stinkin’ old they are getting!! I held my composure for drop offs. it was way too hot to start crying when I dropped lily off. and I thought I was in the clear for dropping topher off, but then as I watched him cross the threshold into the building I teared up as topher marched towards his classroom.
my babies aren’t babies any longer!



school is cool


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