say what now?

May 30, 2010

words that begin with ‘f’. well, words that are one syllable and that start with an ‘f’ always sound like THE ‘f’ word when coming out the mouth of a toddler. frog and fox are common words that make an appearance a few times a day, thanks to swiper the fox (from dora) and the fact that lily occassioanlly thinks she sees errant frogs here and there. for instance, we were driving home the other day. i was about to get on the highway and lily dropped a ‘where the f&^%’. i was shocked by my daughter’s inapproriate outburst. lily is admittedly the worst backseat driver (in a carseat to boot!) in the world. she gets mad if you do a u-turn and furious if you turn right on a red light (“red means STOP!!!!”), even though you are usually allowed to do that. anyway, i thought she was really questioning my navigational choice, but she repeated again, much more articulately: “where’s the frog?” topher drops f-bombs throughout the day as well.

orca. better known as the killer whale. i know what you’re thinking, how can you mess up ‘orca’? somehow lily can. and when she says it (not as much now as she did a few weeks ago) it sounds like ‘f*&ker’. lily knows what an orca is from ‘Go Diego go’, and fortunately the episode we were watching did not have a mommy orca, otherwise the phrase ‘mother f…er’ would have surely come out of her mouth. and i would have lost it, cause i am not mature enough to think that is not funny.(no need to call child protective services folks. if she meant to swear, she woulda gotten a mouth full of dial antibacterial soap. the liquid kind.)

brother. lily is all about calling topher “brother” right now, which is so sweet. i don’t know why, but it makes my heart melt to hear the words roll off of her tongue. “i’ll go get my brudder.” oh yeah, and the fact that the word rhymes with “udder” and automatically makes me think of a cow’s underside is all the more precious. 

popcorn. so ‘movie morning’ has become a regular once-a-week installment at our house. it’s the time when i fold all the laundry from the week AND put the clothes away. that used to never happen. at least not in the same day, let alone the same week. the kids really love movie morning because they get a little bowl of popcorn. or two. and that’s it! but then throughout the day they (namely topher) will ask for more popcorn. only it sounds more like ‘cock corn’, which sounds more like a sexually transmitted disease than a wonderfully light snack.

i love every stage that the kids are in, cause each stage is new and amazing. but i am really really really loving this ‘talking stage’ (as opposed to the “i’m making a whiny-noise cause i can’t talk so you need to guess what i need. stat!” stage that the kids grew out of). i love how the kids talk to each other in a language that is not decipherable to anyone else but them. i love their sweet little voices, i love the sentences that they come up with (sometimes very grammatically correct, and sometimes not-so-much), and just having them communicating and butchering the english language on a daily basis is part of what makes my job as a stay-at-home mom incredibur.



say what now?


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