the sauce lady commeth

June 17, 2010

lately i have heard lots of grief, sighs, complaints about the same thing: cooking. and women- i hear ya! sometimes i love to cook, and sometimes i loathe it. but when you’re on a tight budget- you gotta do what you gotta do. so i am going to try to post some supereasy recipes to hopefully inspire you, whether from my own ideas or cause you think you can do much better than me. and i bet you could.

the secret to my success in the kitchen is to have a lot of different sauces and marinades. it makes the exact same meal (say chicken and rice) so different, depending on the ‘sauce’ you use.
here’s what i’m talking about:
one day– chicken in cream of mushroom soup, with cubed potatoes and carrots, and rice
another day– chicken in terriyaki sauce (i like ‘yoshidas’), with added cabbage and onions, and rice
another day– chicken curry (i get these packages from the asian food store. so easy and seriously delicous. try vermonts, or… the one that i always buy and cannot remember the name of…) with frozen veggies, and rice
yet another day– chicken in spicy korean sauce (i will have a seperate post on this later), with mushrooms, zucchini, and rice
another day still– bread and fry chicken pieces, buy or make sweet and sour sauce, eat with rice

that’s 5 days of meals, using the same two basic staples, and adding vegetables as you/if you please. and these meals do not require any sweat or tears or time. start your rice, do up the chicken so there’s no pink (cause no one likes salmonella), and dinner is done!

and then here’s the twist- you switch out the chicken for beef, or pork, and you’ve got ten more meals. switch out the rice for pasta, or even fix different kinds of rice (most of the time i use korean rice, but i have a big place in my heart for Rice-a-roni long grain rice) and you have EVEN MORE meal choices!

cans of soup are pretty cheap, and if you buy a couple bottles of marinaes that you really like, those will last you a good 4-8 meals, depending on how many people you are feeding and how much marinade you use every time. stock up your pantry with these supereasy meal boosters and you will be good to go!

be on the look our for more detailed recipes over the next few days.

happy cooking, and more importantly- happy eating!!!


the sauce lady commeth


  1. thanks! keep this stuff coming. things don't come easy for me in the kitchen. what you laid out makes so much sense.

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