san diego: friends and family

June 8, 2010

we are back from our awesome san diego trip!!! if you read lindsay or christin’s blog, you can tell that san diego is the place to be! it was an awesome 75 degrees the whole time we were there, while the locals here in arizona tried not to die in 100+ degree weather.
i have 3 different posts that go with our san diego trip (at least 2. but i think maybe 3) this first one is dedicated to the family and friends that made the trip incredible.
the first shout out goes to robert and lindsay, who demanded that the four of us take this trip together without kids. i was skeptical at first, but so thankful afterwards! great job robert and lindsay! (here’s the cute couple
at the lovely italian restaurant we ate at in little italy. cafe benetto or something like that.)
the next shout out goes to mike, cindy, and especially brielle. they came by on wednesday night with a little gift for chris- an inspirational poster, some protein bars, and a homemade card that mike wrote in! so precious! so wonderful to have wonderful friends.
we got to san diego thursday afternoon. after a ‘special’ time at sea port village (it was special because someone misplaced our parking validation thing and we spent a good amount of time looking for it so we wouldn’t have to pay the $30 fine.) we had dinner with our friends braden and emily. you have heard of them before, as we went to their wedding exactly a year ago (happy anniversary kids!) and that was the most memorable wedding ever because the cops showed up. i would put a link to my post from last year, but i don’t know how to do that. anyway, we had a severely delicious home-cooked meal, had a great time hanging out with our friends, watching ‘so you think you can dance’, and eating and eating and eating. 
here is an ‘action shot’ of us at the expo that you have to go to in order to pick up all your marathon gear/sign-in. in this picture are robert and lindsay, and matt and syria. matt is chris’ uncle, the one who many of you prayed for as he was fighting and beating cancer. to celebrate his cancer-freeness he was running in the half marathon with his wife. loser. i could think of a million different ways to celebrate being cancer-free and absolutely none of them have to do with exercise, running, or exercise. to each his own. (there will be many more pics of these fine folks in the ‘marathon’ post that will follow shortly) 
in the next two pics, we have the perrys. if you are from arizona, you may notice these pics were in fact taken at chandler mall, when they were out here visitng a few months ago. we saw these wonderful folk on saturday for lunch, but of course i didn’t bring my camera. so here i am posting an old pic of them. amos used to be a marine with chris in korea. they became bffs (one of chris’ many bffs), then amos, who is originally from tucson, moved to san diego, met the lovely nickole, married her, and has her working overtime and a half as a busybusybusy mom of 2 boys and pregnant with their 3rd. elijah, their eldest, is almost 2 and a half, benny is almost 1, and she is already 13 weeks in with the new bun in the oven. i am exhausted just writing about these crazy people.
finally, i need to send out the BIGGEST shout out to the crazyawesome people who watched our crazyawesome kids while we were gone. thursday, our friends grace and charles watched the kids. well, mostly grace, but charles came around for a nap, eating, and general hanging out. 
i owe grace a ton cause the one night she had the kids, they woke up at 5:30am. sorry grace!
then my lovely friend samantha, and her daughter leila, came to hang out with the kids friday during the day. samantha is in our small group, and i have been so fortunate to develop a close friendship with this sassy mama! leila, who is 4, is one of lily’s bffs. (like her dad, lily also has a ton of bffs.)
last, but never the least, we have barb and jerry. they watched the kids from friday afternoon till we got home sunday night. they had one morning that started at 6:30am, and another that started at 5:30am. (yep. i owe them big time too!) the kids had so much fun with their nana and papa. so much so that when topher woke up from his nap today, he cried out for nana. that kid is crazy. but we love him. and we love barb and jerry so much. even though they pull terrible stunts like this:

yup. it’s a journal of lily and topher’s time without their mom and dad. who does stuff like that? what kind of sick people have the time and energy to take care of their grandkids, feed them, bathe them, sleep on the floor with them, take them to their first sportsball class on saturday morning (more on that later), swim with them every day, and make a journal,  complete with colored pictures? i give you barb and jerry.
(of course they’re not looking at my camera. they are too busy, and too awesome 
to pose for pictures people!)



san diego: friends and family


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