Same old same old…

June 26, 2009

So, here I am again. I was kind of shocked when I looked at my blog list for the month and saw that I only had 5 posts for June, and it’s already the 25th! Yowsers. And as I continued to inspect my blog (no, not for grammatical errors or anything like that, so those are still to be found in abundance!) I decided I liked my ‘old look’ better than my new one. If only Michael Jackson had felt that way about his looks… Which by the way- did you know he died today?!?! This is not nearly as mind-blowing as when Princess Di died, or at least my mother hasn’t called me about it yet, which when the latter died, I very distinctly remember my mom running into my room, where I was sleeping peacefully on the top bunkbed, with my sister below me, and my mother was holding a newspaper ranting and crying about ‘My Princess!” She’s so crazy. My mom, not Princess Diana. And now the King of Pop is off to… a different place. But not me. I am here, same bat time, same bat channel…



Same old same old…


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