June 19, 2010

we are not the healthiest eaters in the world. i am a big fan of food in boxes- like rice a roni, and hamburger helper, kraft macaroni and cheese, etc.  but lately i have a been a big fan of salads, so here is a quick look (sans pictures. sorry) at some salads we’ve been eating lately as i have been seriously lazy from this horrendous heat.

southwest salad-
-chicken, get the rotisserie one that they make for you at the store and shred it up. so easy! or grill, roast your own
-vegetables of your choice, bag salads are also a lazy favorite of mine
-crushed tortilla chips
-shredded cheese
-southwest ranch dressing (either mix some salsa or taco sauce with some ranch dressing)

some variations:
-brown ground beef with taco seasoning
-chicken marinaded in buffalo wing sauce mixed with dry ranch dressing. put this in the crock pot until chicken is cooked through. change dressing to blue cheese (if that’s your thing. it’s not mine.)

if you are not a big ‘bagged salad’ fan- give it a shot! they have a couple of different options- caesar, asian sesame, southwest, and once you try one and like it, you can just copy all the things that you find in their kit. (which is what i did with the above salad recipe)

especially for you moms out there- do what you have to do to feed your family and make it as easy as possible for yourself. ready-to-make meals are all around!


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