Running Fools

January 21, 2011

Chris and his brother Robert ran in the PF Chang Rock n Roll half-marathon this Sunday. Chris ran the PF Chang half-marathon last year, ran a full marathon in June, and then completed the year with this half-marathon. you would think he would get better with every passing event, but this wasn’t actually his best half-marathon time.

to my husband’s credit he started coming down with something on Friday. then Saturday he wasn’t feeling a whole lot better, but the man paid for this thing, and he had run a good handful of times to train for it, so there was pretty much no way Chris was not going to run in this thing.

so, Sunday morning, Chris and Robert left their homes before the sun got up, and Lindsay, Shannon and I, left our homes many hours later, to go watch these exercising fools in action. my wonderful friend Lainey was nice enough to watch the crazy Watson 4 and Toy Story 3 (twice!) while we were gone. thanks Lainey!!! and thanks Shannon for coming out to support our crazy husbands. we also met up with Barb and Jerry in Tempe to cheer the boys on.

we had a wonderful Sunday filled with family funtimes. then Sunday night came, and along with the night came the pukies. lots and lots of pukies. Chris was officially sick. and as miserable as Chris may have been, i think he was also very relieved to know that his ‘slow’ time (of 2 hours and 7 min!) was not due to his age, or anything like that.

my favorite picture is of the boys running. Chris looks like he is cheering Lindsay, Shannon, and I on. 🙂



Running Fools


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