Root Canal

June 12, 2008

I got a root canal today. I HATE the dentist. I don’t know why pain in the mouth is so bad, but it is. I had braces for about three years, and once a month for three years I got those danged braces tightened and man did that suck. I would be subjected to just having soup for a day or two, and of course those were the days my mom would make the best meals- kalbi, bulgogi, and the like. Anyhoo, those were days that I do not look upon with any fondness.

So I have been psyching myself out for this R.C. for the last week. Sitting in the dentist’s chair today, I was expecting the worst, and my expectations were never met. Fortunately. This guy was GOOD. I did not feel the numbing needle (actually I got two shots), which is my least favorite part of going to the dentist. After that, everything was fine. The sounds that the drill and other torture devices make are blood curdling to say the least, but they are just sounds. I managed to fit in a little nap while in the comfy dentist’s chair- no kids, no worries! It was pretty good, except that I am pretty sure I was snoring, but the drill drowned most of it out (I hope!). Provided that things go well, hopefully I will never see that dentist again (or endodontist, or whatever he was called.)

The fun didn’t start until my face started melting. My sister picked me up from my appointment and asked if I had been crying. I told her I was fine cause I couldn’t feel anything still. The right side of my face was completely without feeling. But once the feeling came, I did feel like crying after all. Especially because I was at the mall, and I didn’t have any Tylenol with me. I was so sure I had some in the diaper bag, but alas I was wrong. And what a time to be wrong. We were at the mall because Chris was helping his older brother out with some yard work, and he lives quite close to the mall. As soon as they were done though, Jeehon, kids, and I were there to pick him up in two blinks of an eye. Everything in my mouth hurt. My jaw hurt from having been opened so wide for so long. My tooth was killing cause of all the drilling they did in it and on it. I felt like crying until I reminded myself that I have given birth to two kids in the last two years. If I could get through that, I could get through anything, right? With Tylenol in hand (and in the diaper bag) I think I will be alright.



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