Rite of Passage?

May 16, 2009

Nothing ruins my night like poo in unexpected places.

Watching the three kids alone is no big deal anymore. They kinda all play together, or all seperately, but the demand for attention has diminished quite a bit. Chris is even going to watch the three kids by humself on Monday when I go to work, and Jeehon goes back to taking some more real estate classes.

But, the thing that makes watching the three kids difficult is when you already have very little patience for life in general (read: you are sleep deprived) or when you find poo in unexpected places (remember when I stepped in Sungu’s poo a few months ago?)

So here’s how my kids pooed on our lovely evening last night:
I was on the phone with a friend who was having a SERIOUS issue. Serious beyond serious. In fact, if you feel led, pray for her and her hubby- let’s just call them J & J. (NO. Not James and Jeehon. ‘J’ names are so common!) Anyhoo, I was on the phone with her, and I made the kids grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup. They have eaten this before, and liked it. So I thought it was going to be an uneventful dinner. Wrong. Because my attention was elsewhere, Lily thought this was an opportune time to entertain Sungu and Topher by smearing grilled cheese in her hair. She was a hit! They loved it.

Then round 2- I made some fried rice with peas, another fave of the children. More food was tossed about and landed in hair. And I was even paying attention to them at this point! Anyway, this didn’t make me so annoyed, cause a lot of it was my fault, but it didn’t exactly put me in a great mood.

So then we went upstairs to take a bath and get ready for bed. I put Lily and Topher in the bath too, and made Sungu potty before getting in. He peed for half a second and started to stand, where I proceeded to make him stay seated. This was great because he immediately started to poo. Then Lily made a motion like she had to pee so I pulled her out and put her on the toilet. I was still within arms reach of Topher in the bath, but I could really just see him from the chest up.

When Lily and Sungu were done (Lily did not pee. We are trying to do this whole pottying thing again…) I was about to put them back in the tub, except that there was a whole lot of poo in it! So gross! Topher had eaten quite a bit of fruit that day, so his stool was not firm by any stretch of the imagination. There were bits floating all around him. There was even a piece of poo stuck to his chest. I wanted to cry. Lily just started saying ‘Eeewww.’ Understatement of the century little girl. I unplugged the tub and watched most of the poo go down the drain, and for the pieces that wouldn’t go down I picked em up (with my bare hands!) and threw them in the toilet. Not happy mama.

So there Topher was, sitting naked and disgusting in the tub with no water, and Lily and Sungu were standing there watching, also naked and I decided the best thing to do was bring them to my room to take a bath.

After everyone was disinfected and put to bed, I had the fun task of disinfecting lots of toys and the bath tub. Can’t believe this is the first time I have dealt with poo in the tub, but what a way to be inducted into the club! Hopefully this will be the first, and the last?…



Rite of Passage?


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