long week…

April 14, 2010

i just got home from small group, and i have had a crazy ‘week’ (i know, it’s just tuesday. that’s how long of a week it’s been!)
sunday night chris went to bed early cause he had to go to work before 4am. so i decided to make him some hard boiled eggs at 10pm, cause i was still going to be up for awhile. i put 6 eggs in a pot with water, had it boil, then on medium/low heat, and went on my merry way. i think i blogged. did random things on the internet. then i went to bed. topher woke me up at 5:30am, which was not ok since i went to bed after 11. but when i went into the kitchen to get him some milk, i noticed a blue halo of light under a pot on the stove. i never turned the dang thing off! that’s about 7 hours of cooking. there was definitely no more water in the pot. only six very brown, kinda burnt-ish looking eggs. i praised Jesus that i didn’t set the whole apartment complex ablaze. and then i opened all the windows cause our home stank! serious sulpheric stink. many candles were lit. some curse bombs were dropped. not a good way to start the day. especially since 1. chris had been up 2 hours before and could have tuurned off the stove HAD HE NOTICED IT WAS ON. of course he didn’t. just like he doesn’t notice when i get my hair done. anyhoo, it was also bad cause we had just talked about some ‘egg genie’ thing that hard boils your eggs to perfection everytime. most guys on his squad have one. i thought it was ludacris, and part of the reason why america is crazy- cause you need to have a specific machine for every single job under the sun. we will be buying an egg genie on the weekend…
i managed to squeeze in a morning playdate and a lunch hang-out while i was airing out the apartment. topher had more accidents on the carpet, so i steam cleaned the living room AGAIN. my girlfriend asked if i regretted training topher so early. cause maybe he wasn’t as ready as he could be if i had waited. but then later at night, when we were getting the kids ready for bed, topher said he had to poop. and he wanted dad to take him. so chris took him, and i was going to put lily down while chris was occupied, but lily knew chris was supposed to put her down, so she didn’t want to go with me into her room. so then we all decided to hang out in the bathroom together as a family. and we all watched topher poop. and it was INCREDIBLE. a bigger turd than you would think would be able to exist in his little body emerged and sank to the bottom o f the tank. and as we all watched topher poo (no stage fright here folks!) i was SO THANKFUL that he was potty trained enough to be able to poo on the potty (and with an audience) cause if i had had to clean that crap (literally) out of a diaper- it would not have been good.
this morning the kids and i went to the zoo. perfect day for it. actually, as we were getting ready for the zoo, i was running around getting the kids’ clothes, and lily was in her room with topher, reading to him. (reaD: she can’t read! but it was a number book, and she knows her numbers. so that’s reading to me.) SO PRECIOUS. i love my kids.
we went to the zoo, had a great morning, and the kids fell asleep in the car on the way home. when the kids fall asleep in the car, we stay in the car until they wake up. i learned from my mistake last week, and made sure i had some literature in the car for such an occassion as this. so i read a chapter of the bible, and an entire issue of ‘Parenting’ magazine. the kids were out for an hour and a half! great nap! and again- the weather was perfect. with the windows down, the kids were not too hot or too cold. when they woke up, we got out of the acr and all walked to the apartment. perfect.
then tonight, chris and i were planning on going to small group together, but when he came home from work he was TIRED. he has to wake up at 4 again tomorrow, so we decided to drop the kids off at nana and papa’s, go out for a nice, quick, romantic dinner for two at chipotle, then i dropped him back off at the apartment, and proceeded to small group.
because of the crazy day the kids had, they both fell asleep in the car on the short ride home. my nightmare come true. there’s no way i was going to stay in the car with them for 8-12 hours (unless there was some kind of guarantee that they would sleep for that long!!!) anyway, i parked the car in our usual spot- which is as close as it could be to the apartment, but is still too far at the same time. i picked lily up first. then topher. i did not do a good job of closing the sliding door. oh well. topher was flopping around like a fish out of water- totally asleep. weird. almost dropped him. twice. i was walking/wobbling/praying, trying not to drop the kids. then i got to the door. the locked door. the keys were in my back pocket and i had no idea how i was supposed to get those out with my arms as full as they were. first i tried to prop my leg up on the wall, to give topher more support while my arm was busy retrieving my keys. but then i couldn’t reach the lock and doorknob from that angle. i almost started pounding on the door to wake chris up. but i didn’t. i crouched on the ground, kinda woke up both kids, managed to get the door open, took off my shoes, threw/placed lily on the couch, brought topher to his bed, then picked lily up and put her to bed. whew. i need to work out more, or my kids need to quit growing.
and to top off this crazy ‘week’ (read: two days) our tivo didn’t record LOST or GLEE!…



long week…


  1. Shannon says:

    Yikes! That sounds tiring. One good thing to note, ABC is really good about putting their shows online really fast. So you should be able to watch Lost tomorrow online. 🙂 And Glee can be found pretty quickly on Hulu. So yay! Sorry you can't watch them tonight though. Glad you didn't drop your kids. Love ya!

  2. That is so super crazy. Mom of the year award- Check.

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