random goings ons

April 29, 2010

on monday chris took the kids to the gym. or to kids club. which they love. their new favorite toys are two beach balls. one with nemo on it, the other with disney princesses. apparently when chris went and picked the kids up when he all done working out, lily was holding ‘her’ disney beach ball and started running over to chris when she saw him come in. but in that same instant, topher, who had just been holding the nemo ball, got that snatched away from him. so lily, with her keen sixth sense for her little brother (ok, she heard him whimpering), stopped running towards her dad, and instead marched straight over to the boy who took ‘topher’s’ ball. “NO! that’s toto’s!” she took the ball and gave it back to her brother. the boy she reprimanded was six-ish. twice her age. way to go lily! chris said his heart swelled with awesome pride for his little girl. he also made topher give the other kid the ball since they were leaving anyway. word to the wise, do not mess with topher unless you want a whole lot of lily all up in your grill.
and speaking of ‘all up in your grill’, we went to a little bbq today, honoring the fine men and women who take a night out a week to minister to high school students via small groups. since chris does that, we were invited to this bbq at barb’s house. it was all very lovely. great food, greater company. i was sitting on a picnic blanket with chris, our kids, and handful of awesome people. topher was kinda up and down all throughout the meal. something we are trying to work on. he all of a sudden stood up, either lost his balance, or was trying out a new michael jackson move (new to him, old to michael jackson. obviously. since he’s deceased and all.) anyhoo, my poor clumsy little boy fell, face first, into my plate, that had my open burger (loaded with ketchup and mustard and relish) and a pile of guacamole, and salsa. when topher stood up, we were all astounded at his beard-of-condiments. why didn’t anyone have a camera on them!?!?!? jenny- you were there! you’re a photographer! shouldn’t you have a camera built into your hand or something!?!?
anyway, it was amazing, and i am very sad i do not have a picture to share with y’alls. hopefully topher will remember what happens when we get up in the middle of meals when we aren’t supposed to.
topher is fine by the way. chris’ shirt (and neck), however, are not, as topher ran straight to his daddy for comfort and solace. 
and finally, my sister, who is doing just dandy in korea, is still pregnant. she is due on monday. or something like that. please keep her and their fam in your prayers if you think about it. can’t wait to have another new niece soon!



random goings ons


  1. Brantonians says:

    guacamole Topher is one of my favorite looks!

  2. The ketchup, mustard, guacamole, and salsa all over Topher's face definitely made my night! Hilarious!!! PS…I will look in to getting a camera built in to my hand! 😉 Although I'm sure we all had phones on us with cameras built in…why didn't one of us think of whipping one of those out and snapping a shot of Topher's face buffet!?! 🙂

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