quiet time

March 18, 2011

it’s 11:04 am. so great. chris took off with our kids to the gym. he works later tonight. my other two boys are napping. thank you Jesus. and gabe slept over last night, and he went home too. oh the quiet. the solitude. the wonderment of sitting on my butt tending to no one’s needs. not even my own (i really need to pee.)

sorry i have been not around here lately. we are pretty much unpacked, but that just means almost all the boxes have been emptied and recycled, but now we have miscellaneous piles of junk in corners of some rooms, notably mine. it helps that we have had some guests over already, cause that really makes me work a little bit harder than if no one was coming around to ‘judge’ how productive i have or have not been since we moved in almost two weeks ago.

as many times as we have done this, moving continues to be a slightly stressful situation. with each move, the length of time that the stress lasts for decreases. but the constant busyness of packing, unpacking, and putting things away from the time we wake up till the time we pass out is not that fun. it doesn’t leave a ton of time for chris and i to just hang out after the kids have gone to bed. and the kids haven’t been sleeping the greatest here, as some nights i feel like i have a newborn baby with the amount of times i have to get out of bed. but the good continues to outweigh the bad, so i should just count my blessings and move on.

so, i have no pictures to post, cause the camera is in the kitchen and i am not. i think i heard a child stirring. so i guess i should wrap this post up. my list of future posts continues to grow, especially as both my kids’ birthdays are quickly approaching (lily is turning FOUR tomorrow! yowsers.) and my twin brothers turned 28 last saturday so i just wanted to send out a quick Happy Belated Birthday shout out to two of my favorite brothers in the whole wide world. love you Eds.



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