Quick Times

December 22, 2008

Here’s a little update on life in the Watson/Malloy household:

-Topher is sleeping! Pretty well. Thanks to all those who have prayed- that was the difference maker I’m pretty sure! He slept 8 hours one night. Then 9 the next. And eventually 10! Last night was the first time he woke up at 4am in quite awhile! Hopefully that won’t suddenly become a habit again though… I’ll let you know

-We are having the giant Watson Family Christmas party at our house this year. That’s about 30+ adults and 15 kids. Pure insanity. But a joyous occassion since it’s obviously not very easy to get all the Watsons together under one roof on the same day at the same time. So this has been my inspiration/kick in the butt to get the house together- that means cleaning and decorating. And the major decoration has come in the form of hanging up pictures! So that’s what I am taking a break from right now, I have been working on it for the last two hours, and probably still have one more hour to go!…

-Barb and Jerry bought Lily some furniture for her room at a garage sale, then Barb refinished it all, doing a distressed white look, complete with little pink jeweled knobs. Chris brought it home today and it looks AMAZING! One day when Chris and I decide it’s safe to spend money again, we will have to go garage sale-ing with Barb and Jerry!

-Speaking of Jerry- please pray for him! He is stuck in Portland! He was supposed to fly in yesterday, but due to terrible conditions, he is STILL waiting to fly out. Pessimistically speaking- it looks like the weather will let up on Wednesday, which is kinda when Barb is expecting to see him. Very optimistically speaking- he is booked on a flight that leaves Portland tomorrow at 6am. Time to pray again! Yesterday he slept in the airport, and tonight he is in a hotel. Tomorrow, we are hoping he gets to sleep in his bed, in Mesa, with his wife, and his two crazy dogs!!!!

That’s it for now. So much to do. So little time…. But thanks all for the continued prayers! We need em! Blessings to you all this awesome holiday season.



  1. Have a wonderful Christmas. We will be at the 5:00 pm service at Sun Valley. . .hopefully we will see you! Miss you so much. . .Amy

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