March 13, 2011

i’ve always wanted a pug.

i don’t know why. they are so ugly they are beautiful.
pugs are cousins to mastiffs, which works out great since chris loves mastiffs, and we’ve already had one of those, and, well, that’s it. it doesn’t matter that they are cousins.

anyhoo, pugs are kind of expensive.
but do you know which dogs aren’t expensive? free ones that people leave in other peoples’ backyards.

so, our precious dog was left in one of chris’ friends’ backyards a few weeks ago. these friends of chris’s have 4 dogs already, so whoever left the dog there was pretty certain their dog was going to get taken care of. even though they (the original owners) did not seem to be that interested in taking care of the dog themselves. he is very skinny and has abandonment issues (shocking, i know).

so our little dog is of an unknown age, though he seems to be out of the puppy stage. seems to be. i am not into puppies at all except to look at them. that’s it. i am not fond of dogs that chew stuff, bark, or go in the house. therefore all puppies are dead to me. the friend of chris’ who had the dog for a few weeks said that the dog did not chew or have any accidents in the house…
since we brought the dog home on saturday, the dog has had a few accidents in the house and has chewed barbie’s hand to look like a flat nasty pancake. but at least the accidents are not big and, teenytiny compared to when mally, our 160lb mastiff, had accidents in the house.

his major flaw is that he goes through the trash, and has a thing for dirty diapers. major grossness. he doesn’t listen when i call him, and he makes trails of messes. basically he fits into our family perfectly.

sometimes i want to kill him. but then i see him with the kids. so cute. and even though it’s very annoying to have a dog that acts like a toddler, it’s probably way more annoying to have a bunch of toddlers who step on, and pull, your tail and chase after you while some crazy asian lady yells at you to quit peeing on the carpet.
sometimes you just have to be thankful for what the Lord has gifted to you, even if you don’t recognize it as the gift you were hoping for just by looking at it.



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