Potty Training- Day One

September 29, 2009

We are officially settled in, and our ‘normal lives’ are back on track. I actually went in to work for the first time in over a month! (I know, how do I even have a job? Thank you nepotism!) Which means the babes had a day with their daddy, which they loved. Except that the beginning of the day involved waiting in the waiting room of the pediatrician’s office for over an hour for Topher’s 18-month check up. Fortunately the kids were good, and Topher didn’t even mind getting two shots today. The doctor was impressed with our Toto’s development and told Chris to think about potty training. Interesting… Since Lily isn’t potty trained yet… So, we decided to give it a go for the both of them today, and this is what happened:
-We went to Target. We bought plain white training pants for Topher and Lily, and then some colorful ones for Topher, since Lily already has some. The doctor recommended starting with the plain ones, then ‘rewarding’ the kids with colorful ones once they peed on the potty a few times. He also said to get a treat that they love but won’t get at any time other than when they potty, and to praise and praise like crazy once we have any signs of success. So we bought a bag of M&Ms, and a toy stroller/pack-n-play set for Lily.
-Then we went to Walmart and bought a toy shopping cart full of food for Topher’s incentive gift. They had some at Target, but they were all pink and that was a big no-no for dad. BUt I was pretty impressed that Chris even was ok with his son playing with a shopping cart. Topher does love him some food though, even food that just looks like food but isn’t really food.
-Then Chris ditched me and went to school. Thanks a lot Chris. 😉
-The potty fun began. The diapers came off and training pants were on. Our Elmo potty video was on in the background for a little extra motivation and we just sat and waited. And we drank juice. And we waited. We went about an hour and a half before we had any action. Right after we finished dinner, I was getting Topher out of his chair and noticed he was wet. Not surprising, even though I asked him and Lily if they had to pee about a million times while we were eating. So I took Topher out of his wet trainer and put on a new dry one. He was wet again within two minutes. But nothing got on the carpet- which is awesome. I contemplated whether I should just finish off the set of three training pants now, or bite the defeat-bullet and just put a diaper on him, and I went with the latter decision. Which ended up being The Best Decision of My Life, cause he dropped a GIGANTIC steamy deuce five minutes later. After wiping his butt, we all went into the bathroom and dropped the poop that was in the diaper into the toilet. Much applause ensued. My kids are nuts. The weirdest stuff amuses them.
-So Topher was done for the night, which was totally fine by me since we are just trying to get him used to the IDEA of potty training. But the Lilster was the real challenge of the day. And she was a drinking, and she was a sitting on the potty, but she was NOT peeing. And we were already at the two and a half hour mark…
-Long story short- she finally peepeed in the potty. At the three hour mark. Though thirty minutes prior she was begging me to put a diaper on her. She knew she had to pee but she just didn’t want to. Test of wills- Mama came out on top! SO when she finally let herself go- it was amazing! For everyone. High fives were being thrown left right and center, M&Ms were being gobbled up, and Lily got the car seat/infant carrier piece from her 8 piece toy. There was much joy in the Watson Apartment.
So Day 1 down, we’ll see how many more it takes for Lily to be an ‘Official Big Girl’.


Potty Training- Day One


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