Potty Training- Day 3… Forget it…

October 2, 2009

I didn’t post yesterday for a plethora of reasons. The main one being that we were out all evening at Wes and Kim’s watching Josh’s nationally televised college football game, where his team- the underdog UAB Blazers, beat the favored Southern Mississippi something or others. Josh is the kicker for his team, though he is a freshman, and he was beyond awesome yesterday! He made a 51 yard field goal, and made all of his other attempts as well. That’a boy Joshy!

I also didn’t post yesterday because it was not a good day for me. Yesterday was Day2 Part II and it was a disaster on all fronts. I am officially waving the white flag (or white training pants) in defeat.
The major victories of yesterday were-
1. Lily did NOT pee in her car seat while we were out for about an hour.
2. Lily did NOT pee in her bed when she took a nap with her training pants on.

But the major failures were-
1. Lily cried every time I tried to put her on the potty, and by the end of the day M&Ms and a baby stroller were no longer enough to motivate her to sit on the can.
2. I cried a couple times and proved to be the most immature person in our home, even with a one and a half year old and a two and a half year old living there.
3. Lily did NOT pee on the potty at all yesterday, only soiling herself once, but almost giving herself a urinary tract infection. Or at least I was afraid she was going to.

Which I actually called the pediatrician for some advice, and they thought there was a possibility that Lily did have a UTI, and told me I should come in and check it out. But before going, I decided to test Lily out and see if she wasn’t peeing cause it hurt too much, so I reluctantly put a diaper on the girl (her first day time diaper in two days) and she filled that puppy up with pee pee like it was going out of style! No tears, no screams.
Needless to say we didn’t go to the doctor (that diaper saved me from a $20 co-pay and hours of sitting in the waiting room!) and we are putting potty training on hold for everyone’s sake. I am praying for more patience and wisdom for the next time that we do this, and I am praying for Lily who has all the physical signs of readiness, but not the emotional ones?
After I took Lily’s pee-filled diaper off of her, I asked her if she just wanted to sit on the toilet, no pressure to pee or anything as she could see that I was going to put another diaper on her, and she got up, ran to the bathroom, sat on the toilet (againa, no tears or screams) and patiently waited for her chocolate treat. And I guess that was a mini-victory at the end of a long long long day. Did I feel the effects of defeat and failure? Of course. But did I also feel a tremendous weight being lifted off of my shoulders when Chris suggested we put this project on hold? You betcha!
So stay tuned folks, cause I may have lost this portion of the potty battle, but the war shall be mine! Lily will not graduate high school in diapers!


Potty Training- Day 3… Forget it…


  1. Shannon says:

    So, as I read through your Potty Training experience, I was laughing out loud at how amazingly stubborn your daughter is. 🙂 I'm glad you've put the whole thing on hold because she's obviously not quite ready but know that I believe in you and I know that one day you will prevail!!!! And if you ever need another human to come pee for m&ms, I'm your girl. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have pretty much gone through an identical experience with my little girl (She's 2 years and 2 months)…we've knocked it on the head as we were all getting so stressed, she was upset and I was literally not sleeping all week. I'm sorry it hasn't gone well for you either but WOW am I glad I'm not the only one! Your blog is hilarious, I also have another, smaller baby – born almost exactly 1 year apart. Your blog has really made me laugh, you capture how wonderful but how tricky having two little babies can be. I look forward to hearing about the return of the potty – I'm having Christmas off at the very least before we utter the 'p' word again!

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