Potty Training- Day 2 and Day 1 Part II

September 30, 2009

Day 2– We went up to Heber to see Wes and Kim’s new baby- a cabin that they affectionately refer to as ‘The Abbey’. It was awesome to be up north where it was a ton cooler, and a ton less polluted. Very very nice. BUT, we did not do any real potty training stuff, so Day 2 was not a real potty training day, so…

We kinda find ourselvse back to square one, as in Day 1 Part II. So lame. I almost shouldn’t have even started on Monday if I wasn’t going to do this thing wholeheartedly. So this morning Lily has already peed in one of her training pants, and is now working on THREE hours and a half without peeing. That’s kind of awesome, right? That she can hold it so long? But I don’t want her to make herself sick by not peeing. And it’s definitely nap time right now, but I know that once I put a diaper on her she is going to pee like she has never peed before. So we continue to wait….

I realize that as I am potty training my girl that this takes more discipline on my part than it does on hers. I keep wanting to go out and do stuff. But that means she is in a diaper again. So instead of me going out and doing what I want, I have to put my needs/desires on the back burner and wait and wait for Lily to pee. On the potty. So that I can give her some dang M&Ms. And that’s what motherhood is about- pure selflessness, which is why I am not that good at this yet! But what I am really good at is peeing on the potty. And every timeI have done it today, I have eaten an M&M in front of Lily. I don’t even need to eat lunch today- that’s how much chocolate I have consumed 🙂


Potty Training- Day 2 and Day 1 Part II


  1. Karen S. says:

    You might want to try praise with a reward. I used potty training rewards for my son. It worked great. Have a look and see if this could work for your little girl. http://www.pottytrainingrewards.com

  2. sLieZa2711 says:

    I have problem with my son 3 yrs old… still on diaper… Karen… I will look at ur suggestion. Hope it would be succeess

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