Potty Training- Day 1 Part III

October 1, 2009

the day is over! at long last!!!!! so i wrote earlier at about 1pm. when lily should have been napping. she wet her training pants at about 10am. so surely she would have had to pee by 1pm. or at least 2pm. right? wrong. at about 2:50pm, while lily was crying cause she had to pee SO BADLY, i just plopped her down on the toilet in my bathroom, and held on to her, and she to me. it was kinda sweet. i could feel her relaxing, and then i could smell her farting, and i thought we were making some serious progress. i was just waiting to hear the steady stream of urine breaking the water in the toilet, but instead i started hearing a different, yet altogether very familiar sound- snoring. lily had fallen asleep on my shoulder while sitting on the can. wow. so i decided to sit there for another few minutes, hoping and praying that she would relax enough to just let it all go. to no avail.

so i put her on my bed, bare butt and all, on top of a few folded sheets that i was more than prepared to wash after lily woke up from her nap. she slept for two hours, and NO PEE. which was good news for me (and my mattress and bedding!) but oh how i longed to see some pee!!!! and oh how lily longed to rid her body of the pee! but she couldn’t. or wouldn’t. i sat her on the toilet again and in the midst of her screaming and struggling to get off the toilet, she dropped an ounce or two of pee. and she was DEVASTATED. i often have no idea what is going through lily’s head, even when she is trying to verbalize it to me. but this not wanting to pee business is too far beyond my comprehension. i have heard about how kids hate pooing on the toilet because they feel like they are losing a part of themselves down the toilet. that i can ALMOST understand. but this is just pee! c’mon! IT’S.JUST.PEE.

barb came over for dinner. so great to have her over. i just needed some support, and an adult conversation, and someone to step in. no one better than Super Nana. barb had to force herself to pee pee on the toilet three times tonight. what a champ! (she did get some M&Ms out of the deal though.) i figure the woman’s done it four times before this, so surely she would have some advice for me. but none of her kids were as stubborn as lily is. well, maybe Andi, but even then i don’t think there were quite as many tears, or bribery tools being used either. and again- all to no avail. lily SLOWLY started letting go of her pee- first in her undies, then in her training pants, and finally on the bathroom step-stool. and i couldn’t have been happier! (well, yes i could have been, but work with me here. stay in the moment with me.) she got an M&M for each accident, which i am sure a lot of people would frown upon me knowing i did that, but at this point i just have to convince lily that peeing is a good thing, and later i will have to convince her that peeing on the potty is a great thing (one M&M vs five!)


Potty Training- Day 1 Part III


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