May 23, 2008

Jeopardy is one of the greatest shows of our time. And fortunately for me, Chris loves it too so we record it and watch it together. It’s very nice. But in all honesty, I don’t know why I feel compelled to watch it all the time. Though it occassionally makes me feel pretty smart when I get a bunch of answers right, all it really does is shed light on how little I actually know. The other day there was a Shakespeare category… What am I talking about? There is a Shakespeare-related category pretty much every day, but on this particular day I got evey single answer WRONG. Being an English Major, the only thing that I am required to know is trivial Shakespeare facts. Twas a sad day. Anyhoo, sometimes they have a category called ‘Potpouri’ (that’s not how you spell it, is it?… dang it! someone get that bright light out of my face…) and it’s just a category of randomness. Today I will share all the randomness that has been going on around here lately.

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Arizona- it was chilly and it rained. I love it. The last week or two have been HOT! Liky 110 degrees hot. So yesterday and today dipped down quite a bit, and as much as I enjoyed the temperature change, my body decided to flip out. Jeehon’s too. So we both woke up this morning (at 6am. Thanks kids) with headaches, sore throats, runny noses, and very bad attitudes. Being exhausted did not help. I have not slept well in days, mostly cause Lily has decided that waking up well before 7am is her new favorite thing to do. So Jeehon went down for an hour and a half nap while I watched the kids. Topher slept very soundly in the midst of his sister and cousin running around him, and occassionally poking at him. I played with them, threw on ‘The Backyardigans’, blew bubbles, tried to stay awake, and counted the minutes till I could get Jeehon back up. I just woke up from my hour and a half nap and feel so much better. Still a bit delirious, but Lily and Topher are napping, and Jeehon went out with Sungu. Enjoying some much needed coffee and quiet.

Two days ago I said ‘bye’ to Maggie. Short for Magdalene. Or something like that. I am talking about the Jeep. For some reason Chris names his cars/vehicles the most random names. He had a motorcycle in Iraq that he called Agnes. She was stollen. Or she ran away from him cause her name was so ridiculous. He also had this huge black truck that he named Delores. I don’t know where he comes up with this stuff. Anyway, we said bye to Maggie, my favorite vehicle of all times, and said hello to Old Age. That’s not actually our Mini Van’s name, but that’s still what I said hi to when we bought it.

Three days ago Chris started an herbal colon cleanse. His uncle did one a few months ago, and for some reason it intrigued Chris enough to want to do one too. I think it’s cause he wants to see how big a poo he can poo so that when he sees little babies he can say ‘I’ve crapped poos bigger than that’ and mean it. That’s gross and a bit crass, but that’s the man I love! He just text messaged me to tell me that he ‘flippin loves vegetable broth!’ cause that is the closest thing to food that he is allowed to have for the next five days. The major up side to all this- I do not have to make him lunch or dinner for the next week! Though I do love making food for the guy in general, one less thing to do right now is not a bad thing.

We are still waiting to hear whether or not we got the house that we put an offer on. Short sale my ^%$#… We are going to go look at houses again on Tuesday with our wonderful realtor. Hopefully we will get ‘our house’, but if not- we REALLY need to find a house to move in to- and soon! But as my wonderful mother-in-law reminded me this week- faith and patience need to be had by the truckload. Amen to that.



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