Poop to Vegas

February 21, 2010

it’s been a week and two days since my last poop-related incident. so here’s our newest one.

we left for vegas on friday morning. the whole fam- chris, lily, topher and myself in our minivan, jeehon, james, and sungu in theirs. we were on our way to vegas for our 3rd annual family trip in vegas. YES. three years straight of being in las vegas. which is surprisingly a lot family-friendlier than you think. BUT, we are putting an end to these trips to vegas cause, well, it’s been three years. we just don’t need to come here anymore! seen it all, done it all. (at least, especially after chris and i go to see the lion king tonight!)

so, we left at about 10:30am. the van was packed, the portable dvd players were in position, snacks, drinks, and portable potty were all readily available. yes, chris brings the potty with him whenever he goes out with the kids now. it’s really eased his mind with longer drives, especially with topher. he continues to wow us with his potty training abilities. but truth be told, the kid stil can’t go more than two days without an accident. oh well. he’ll probably really smarten up when he turns two next month.

i give my hubby some serious props for being a hard-core potty-training dad! topher is always in undies when he is with his dad. and so he was in undies on our way up to vegas. this was ok with me cause i had just ordered waterproof car seat covers by Nomie Baby (i will write a real review later. heads up: did NOT like em.) it did it’s job, protecting topher’s car seat from his pee, but otherwise, i am not fond of my purchase.

on to the poop- we had already pulled over once to let everyone pee on the potty. except only topher peed- even though he had already peed in his pants. it was kinda too cold for lily, with the wind tunneling through the van as she tried to relax enough to let the urine flow. it didn’t happen, but she also didn’t have an accident for the whole ride, so whatev. needless to say, we had to stop again about an hour later though. something was starting to really smell foul, and we suspected our littlest watson. fortunately after the whole soiling-his-car-seat-undies-and-pants incident from the previous hour, i put a Pull-Up on him. Great move. GREAT move.

we pulled over to the side of the road. chris focused his attention on the lilster, and i had my sights set on mr. poopy pants. how convenient for you chris! topher had a turd in his trousers (that just sounds like a great sentence. but the turd was really in his diaper.) and so i cleaned that up. lily had a seriously monstrous pee. and then topher said he still had to poo. so he sat on the potty and dropped a steamer. good job son! chris is usually really good about how he disposes of the kids’ waste product. when he is out with them, he usually tries to stop in a neighborhood, and then dump the potty remnants into thos waste buckets for when you are getting rid of your dog’s poops that you have scooped. but we were in a hurry, so ‘someone’ actually dumped the dump on the road beside our car. ‘someone else’ was not very happy about the decision, but the deed had already been done, so what could you do?

we strapped the kids back into their seats. gave everyone high fives for a job well-done, and proceeded to drive away. as we started driving merrily along the highway, chris said he was pretty sure we had rolled over topher’s poop. and that’s what you get for not listening to your wife, or ‘someone else’, who had originally advised to throw the turd out on the passenger side of the car, not the drivers’ side. and that’s our poopy tale on our way up to our wonderful family vacation.


Poop to Vegas


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