picasso, toddler-style

August 29, 2010

i am no artiste, but i love me some pretty pictures. i will not even pretend to be a great conoisseur of fine, or even not-so-fine art. but i do enjoy a good art museum or two, and coffee table art books.

anyhoo, lily is a big fan of coloring and drawing. a few days before pre-school started, she mastered the ‘smiley face’. we had been working on it for months, but she could never seem to land the eyes and mouth in the circle, no matter how gigantic the circle was. but finally, the elusive smiley face was conquered.

then lily went to school. the next day, she was seriously drawing smiley faces with googly eyes, and drawing ‘L’s all over the place! we had done lots of tracing, but lily had never been brave enough to write one on her own. preschool really brought out the brave artist in her! and lily is SO PROUD of her oeuvres d’art, she won’t even let her teacher put up her pictures in her class room because she wants to put them on our door with ‘sticky tape’!

here is what our door is looking like these days:

and here are my favorite pieces from her recent collection:

the two gigantic blobs at the top of the page are chris and i. the five little blobs scared me quite a bit, cause i wasn’t sure if she was a prophetic artist. but then she told me they were (in order from left to right) were gabe, corban, zoe, topher, and herself. so precious!!!!

and this picture is my wallpaper on my phone cause it just makes me happy to see. the eye balls on this happy creature are like little hearts! and she tried to write her name at the top (i wrote it on a different sheet of paper) and she copied it, just not in the same order. oh well. A+ for effort!!!!



picasso, toddler-style


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