party party party

February 14, 2012

a few years ago i used to be a party animal. ok. maybe not an animal, but if someone had a birthday, i would be out with my friends, hitting the clubs, going out for dinners, etc. it was oh so glamorous!…

now my kind of parties involve very little glamour, and no clubbing- unless there’s a pinata on the scene. but that’s ok. these parties are just as fun as the parties i used to go to- a decade ago!…

well, this weekend i went to my niece’s first birthday, and we also re-celebrated gabe’s birthday with the family. so that meant i did more baking and decorating! i did not get a picture of the cupcakes that i made for gabriel, but i made him a Rio (the movie with the birds) cupcake. i went to his house with donuts on wednesday (his actual birthday was wednesday) and he was playing with a toy from the movie and he said he wanted a cake with Blue (the bird’s name) on it. ugh. these toddlers are so stinkin smart and have such great memories that i knew that if i showed up to his birthday party with anything other than Rio cupcakes, he would have been like: “hey, didn’t i tell you that i wanted cupcakes with Blue on it?” not cause he’s sassy or rude, but just cause he’s four and remembers stuff now! i was happy to oblige him with what he wanted though 😉

and then i made a cake for emma, which made me happy cause i was able to make a little fondant figurine that looked like her. well, not really. but i knew the dress she was going to be wearing to her party so i made her fondant self with the same dress. good times with sugar.

anyhoo, happy birthday to my febraury niece and nephew! thanks for keeping me on my baking-toes this month! love you crazy kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


party party party


  1. Jenny Bishop says:

    That cake is AMAZING!!!! You are very talented my friend! Might just have to solicit your help for a certain baby girl's first birthday in a few months! 🙂

  2. Christin says:

    Jihae Watson….That cake is amazing!!! I cannot believe you made that! Well, I can because you are incredible. I think you should open a cake shop and name it Good Times with Sugar. I like that phrase a lot.

  3. erindezago says:

    you are so talented!

  4. Brantonians says:

    Best cake you've ever made. Hand's down. You are crazy talented, Sugar!

  5. Jihae – I haven't followed your blog before, but I came to check it out while I was thinking of you and I CAN'T BELIEVE YOUR FONDANT EMMA! You're cool and your artistic tendencies expand and grow into all sorts of interesting areas! xo

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