partied out

April 7, 2012

happy good friday to every one!
we had great hopes of going to a praise night tonight with the kids- especially since lily has been all about singing to Jesus lately. she doesn’t need to know the words to songs- she just sings along anyway. it’s precious. although the other day she was “singing/mumbling” along with a song, but clear as day she said something like: “hallelujah he’s my savior”. it was amazing.

anyhoo, i am still recovering from the last week of march. we did 3 birthday parties in 6 days. it was crazy. in fact i still have decorations up from the first birthday party. pathetic, i know.

i already posted about lily’s princess party, and then on saturday we had a family party. since we watched the hunger games on friday night, i knew the cupcakes for saturday would have to be easy and ready to go. so i saved the fondant figurine of lily from thursday and used it for saturday. that worked out especially great since lily is not a fondant-eater. which is the opposite of her brother who pretty much only eats the fondant and icing and leaves the cupcake for the birds. watching lily and topher eat their sweets is funny cause lily will seriously take off her icing and leave it on her plate, and then topher will dip his cupcake into the icing and eat that up. they are the sweetest ying and yang siblings you ever did see!

here’s topher eating the head off of his fondant figure:

here’s lily holding out her cupcake with her mini-me on it:

i actually had to re-do the head on her figure cause the one on thursday had smudgy eyes. not like smokey eyes, smudgy. like there was some ‘eye smudge’ on her cheek kind of smudgy.

topher’s cupcakes were an ode to power rangers jungle fury. they didn’t turn out very special. sorry son:

then tuesday we had a small little party for our one and only son at peter piper pizza. i was going to keep the jungry fury theme, but topher decided he wanted ‘the avengers’ cupcakes. so i did that instead. i have to admit i was pretty happy with how these turned out, even though the fondant started ‘sweating’ a bit from the short car ride:

and that’s it! next year we’ve gotta come up with a better plan that involves a lot less sugar.


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