Packing Up

August 29, 2009

sorry i have not posted in eons. we have a ton going on in the house, which is not an exageration. my girlfriend from canada (who i met in korea) has been visiting this week with her adorable 9 month old, josh. so awesome. jessie has proved to be a ridiculously helpful and eager houseguest! she has been helping us pack up, throw out, and clean up all our crap. and boy do we have a lot of crap! even after downsizing!
we have now sold on craigslist (what did we ever do without that?!?!?!?):
-our giant tv, dining room set, computer desk, computer chair, bookcases, extra tv we had in our room that we watched maybe twice this year, entertainment stands, two sets of couches, our bedroom furniture, and i think that’s it.
then we sold some stuff in chris’ mom’s garage sale last weekend, which really helped us to get rid of a lot of knick knacks. but after emptying my closet yesterday, looks like we are ready to have another garage sale… yowsers.
anyway, i am realizing hoe ridiculously blessed we are, and also how ridiculously wasteful we are at the same time. i am going to try to go on a shopping freeze for 6 months. i will buy no clothes or accessories for the kids, chris, or me. we have given away so much, and yet we are still left with… SO MUCH. we don’t need more of much.
so that’s where i have been for the last week or two. downsizing has been fun and downright cleansing- for the house and my soul. we are going to start moving starting tomorrow, and should be done by tuesday. it’s not going to take us that long because we have so much stuff, it’s just cause we have the opportunity to do things slowly. i have also realized that i am a disgusting pack rat and i need to learn how to do ‘spring cleaning’, but until that happens i will probably be moving once a year to keep myself, and my possessions in check…



  1. I am really impressed, my friend! Nice work. Will you come to our house next and cleanse? 😉 Where are you moving to? Love you!

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