Our modern day Noah

May 17, 2012

my beautiful son. you’ve met him- he has the most luscious locks and lips in the world:

you know the story of noah, from the Bible, right? he was told to make a giant ark, and everyone laughed at him and thought he was crazy. well, that’s how topher’s been living for years too. in his young life, my sweet topher has incurred much ridicule much to the chagrin of his father and i. but alas, you can’t protect your children from every single person that crosses paths with them. you can try, but you will fail. but our topher is so strong. he doesn’t let others’ comments get him down. he keeps on keepin on. that’s our boy. and finally, after years of mockery, all things came to a head this weekend. on mother’s day of all days.

so, you must be wondering what it is that causes people to point and snicker when my tophy walks by- and you might even be wondering if you are guilty of doing the same. well here it is:

yup. the rain boots.he loves them. if he grows out of a pair, he has another pair waiting. (actually… i’m waiting for them to go on sale… then he will have some waiting!) living in the desert, where we essentially get no rain (that’s why they call it a desert!) i have no idea why they even sell rainboots. but alas, they do, and i buy them.

so, sunday, chris took the kids shopping because they (the kids) wanted to buy me a mother’s day present. so cute. they had each just finished a giant sucker that they got from church, so they had sticky faces and hands. wanting our children to look respectable to be out in public, chris decided to clean them up a little. there was a cup with water in the cupholder, so chris told the kids to dip their hands in there to rinse off. topher went first. then it was lily’s turn. she was a bit overzealous with the whole hand-washing-in-the-cup thing, so when she pulled her hand out of the cup she splashed a bunch of water all over the place. a big, juicy drop of water landed on topher’s foot, which happened to be protected by his rainboot, and he said in his most serious voice: “and THAT’S why i wear these boots!”



Our modern day Noah


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