our little graduates

June 16, 2013

Graduation season is such an emotional one for so many families. their little ones all grown and ready to attack the world.
well, we had two graduations in two weeks so you can only imagine the waterworks this produced for chris.
first we went to topher’s pre-k graduation where he sang some songs and played a little whistle/horn. it was the cutest little production I have ever seen. topher went to a precious little preschool called Heritage Lutheran Preschool, and it’s located on Ray road between Gilbert and Lindsay. it’s right in front of our church- Sun Valley. the lead teacher is Miss Chrissy and her assistant is Miss Allison and they are both rays of sunshine. they love their students and are the happiest women I have ever seen around a ton of little kids! I could not have asked for a more positive first step into topher’s career as a student.
here are some pics from topher’s big day:
our handsome graduate and chris and Maurice

topher, cooper, and miss Allison

topher, cooper, and miss chrissy

playing his little horn second from the right 🙂
this is pretty much my favorite thing that topher has ever made. look at how topher captured Maurice! and green is my favorite color- even the shade of green that topher used to draw me. he’s so smart!
 I am pretty sure I have mentioned this whole ‘topher thinks chris is batman’ thing before, right? topher knows chris is a crime fighter- much akin to batman. so he kind of made that connection himself. chris’ dad knew this and then told toph that he used to be batman, but now chris is batman, which obviously means one day it will be topher’s turn to be batman. see how impressionable young kids are?? they will believe almost anything they are told. so, we shouldn’t lie to kids. ever. BUT if you are going to lie to a kid- make it a good one.
then the following week, we headed over to lily’s kindergarten graduation. she was also a part of a wonderfully adorable graduation ceremony. she even had a line in one of the little skits that was presented and she NAILED it! 🙂 they learned about penguins this year and lily’s line was: “I like the macaroni!” I didn’t know there was a penguin group called macaroni. so happy that lily already knows more than I do.. (about penguins at least!)

here’s our family. we are so stinkin proud of her!!!! she learned how to read and write this year which was so incredible to witness.

here are Charles and Grace. they came out to support our lovely lily because they are awesome and we love them.

barb came out to support her granddaughter too. she brought her mini-me’s- gabe, corban, and emma.
so great to have a supportive family.
our graduate!
this is one of my favorite things lily did this year. her spelling is off- but still amazing.
in case you can’t see what she wrote (and there is a piece you can’t see cause it didn’t make it in the picture):
frogs can eat
frogs can clime
frogs can ribit
but, frogs can’t JRIVE a car
name Lily.



our little graduates


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